Clariesta Antonia’s graduate collection ‘/D O M I N I O N /’ was influenced by the idea of reconnecting the culture and heritage of generations past. the main expansion of the collection focuses on the ‘diversification of diversity’, the phenomena of migration and multiculturalism within a community. As cultural integration is a huge part of one’s identity, the collection studies the intricate and diverse traditions of Sino culture.

The collection resonates deeply as an introspection to one’s roots. Designs are inspired by hand-written calligraphy created by the designer’s grandparents. Using these, She then scanned the calligraphy into photoshop then mixed them with edited digital illustration, creating her original prints and printed them onto polyester based fabric. Heart and hand brings designs to life with meticulous precision. Using her passion for hand crafting and concern for environment, Clariesta completed her collection with hand-frayed denim and printed patches taken from her own fabric’s wastage.

This is Geraldine Clariesta Studio’s final collection line up. Even on corona virus pandemic, Clariesta was able to see all of her collection come to life. The collection are made out of denim, cotton twill, cotton drill, and polyester based printed fabrics, with elements of frayed denim, printed patches, and coloured rope. The finished garments are similar as this graphic final line up illustrations.