Gisele’s materialise project ‘Rodeo in 2020’ in her 1st year in Royal College of Art was influenced by the rodeo culture. The project is about protective cowboy gear and the culture of the Wild West. Because there is a high risk of injury, cowboys wear chaps to protect the lower part of their legs while riding, also the material prevents the friction between the legs and horseback. For doing this project, Gisele has enriched a new way to observe the body movement, and found that leather on skin expresses the peak of traditional masculinity.


Gisele wanted to use repurposed leather, attaching it together in several different ways and created a double layer of a softer material between the bottom and the body to reduce friction. Using leather waste, she has researched about the landfill that leather industries has made and collected leather waste from the leather retail manufacturers. These show a range of method to stitch scraps and the research of chaps styles. Using these, Gisele then combined the silocone and rubber material for making a layer underneath the metal buttons, in order to reduce the hurt and from bumping.
After manipulating the material, Gisele found it useful to put all the material samples on the toiles to see the detials for adjustment and ordering the scraps. She also found this process useful as the irregular leather edge or the stains on the pieces could also be the highlight in designs.

This is Gisele’s final outcome and the looks in this collection. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Gisele finished the garment making in the early 2020, but done the fashion shoot in almost the end of 2020.