Sophie Wilkinson-Cooper’s graduate collection was based on her own life story, from growing up in Grimsby to becoming an expatriate at the age of 6. Now she is trying to reconnect and relearn her home towns heritage. Sophie wanted to create an eye catching collection, that clashed various different prints that were sublimated onto different textured fabrics using a colour pallet that relects her home town colours, and also represents a sporty and nautical theme.

When Sophie initially started researching about Grimsby Town Football Club, she found out that Youngs, a frozen fish company based in Grimsby, had been their sponsor for 18 consecutive seasons. She reached out to Youngs about her project, and was passed to the brand development director and head of graphic communications, who confirmed that she had permission to use their licensed logo in her work. This then lead her to develop the ‘Youngs X Wilkinson-Cooper’ print on Adobe Illustrator, where she then developed several colour ways around the brands colours. These prints were then tested on vegan oil matte and roller blind fabrics to mimic the types of fabrics used in waterproof outwear

Developing the scarf