The creative idea has its roots in two important historical periods: 1940 and 1960. Reference is made for the first period to clothing for the Night Witches: the female aviators of the 40s, belonging to the 588th Aviation Regiment Soviet World War II.The great novelty of this military unit was precisely that of being composed only of women. The unit was formed on the initiative of Marina Raskova and thanks to her popularity began to receive many letters from young Russian women asking to join together to participate in the war effort.

The female aviators of the 588th regiment, they performed over 23,000 missions. They received the Golden Star hero of the Soviet Union. An important reference is also made to Amelia Earhart for her legendary soloed across the Atlantic Ocean.

The clothing of these women consisted of overalls very wide, oversized coats with sleeves so long as to cover the hands, large pockets, basically masculine garments.

To this formal rigor, it is applied a balance with the most glamorous and chic lines, extrapolated from the world of the 60s.

In the looks of the collection, therefore, the contrast between important volumes, oversized garments, gloves, big pockets and bag dresses, faux fur collars, marked lives and retro patterns.