Glaze Kohl’s designer, Michiko Ueda has over 20 years experience as a proprietor and buyer of vintage clothing through running her business. During this time she was exposed to fashion from various periods which has influenced her design process today. Her fascination with the intricacies of vintage clothing gave her an appreciation for well made clothing. Glaze Kohl combines the the past with the future as they take the durable structure of vintage clothing and turn it into a modern design for everyday wear.

The materials and fabrics used in the design process are predominantly from Japan where the garments are produced. They are based in Osaka, one of Japan’s leading fabric wholesale distracts. This gives them access to all the possible fabrics they could ever need, along with this they are able to source vintage hard wear such as buttons from all the old secondary material manufactures around them. For example traditional tape metal zippers woven with a power loom that have been discontinued, making their pieces all the more special.
The design process for their new Spring/Summer 2021 collection features the traditional Japanese dobby loom, adding a rich historical element to the fabrics. The brand’s original fabrics are made using cupro, which has a silky lustre smooth appearance.