Gony Han’s graduate collection was inspired by a used packaging material richness in shapes. The pieces from the waste of the packaging have its own identity with colours, texture and shapes. She made a new creative shape of the pieces by her glance.

Gony Han has rearranged some pieces which she had an interest in the waste of packaging. They had mainly zig-zag shape, net and lines. She discovers the pieces’ character like shapes and colours withdrawing and collague. The pieces from the used packaging changed to new pieces. Gony discovered some interesting shapes by accident from the waste of packaging. She used it actively with collague and then draw it on the transparent paper to see how it comes out. Also, she used laser-cutting machine using some fabrics with shapes of the inspiration from the pieces of packaging.

After analysing details, she moved the collagues on to photoshop. Through the work, she decided which designs well match or which colours work nicely. After then, she made some samples with digital print for a test. She mixed digital print with silkscreen to develop her designs. To see and develop the designs to the other way of style, she also made paper works with silkscreen and paper pieces. In this way, she concentrated on the pieces she created. Also, she used ribbons, strings and thread which inspired by packaging to decorate her designs.