Gracie D’Silva is doing BA in Fashion Design at Leeds Arts University, amongst interning at Oxfam Online and being a student ambassador at Fashion Revolution in her final year. Previously having interned and worked for the likes of Julien Macdonald, The Sunday Times, Style magazine, Graduate Fashion Week and Eden Keshia. Gracie’s graduate collection explores textile waste and the lack of transparency within the fashion industry through upcycling and using circular design strategies.

Gracie D’Silva is passionate about sustainability and upcycling. She uses deadstock fabric and upcycles clothing that can’t be sold to create her designs. A fixation with details and how intricately garments are made, Gracie focuses on utilising original garment features. Through this she creates more unique designs that reference back to the garment they were originally upcycled from. With a textile upbringing, embroidery and hand finishes dip into Gracie’s designs, creating detailed and complex designs.

In addition, Gracie styles shoots using only clothing that is second-hand or vintage , in order to show just how wearable second-hand clothing can be.