Griff Hecht’s collection offers sex-themed work at a discretion. In his collection, he takes traditional business attire pieces and adds elements of sex, kink, and fetish throughout them. His collection showcases a new outlook on sex-related art. Griff tactfully added these elements of sex without sacrificing or desensitizing his topic of interest. To accomplish this, he looked to various print and textile manipulations.

Griff developed prints and embellishments using MRI and cystoscopy scans, as well as pixelated images of the naked body. Blending equal parts sex and business, he looked to office supplies to develop his collection. He created personal identification cards using these pixelated images.However here your genitalia was your identification rather than your face. He also used photocopiers to create prints made of lubricant and tape to create restriction, a common kink found in conducted surveys. He showcases this and other kinks throughout the collection. For example, kink gear made out of recycled business attire, such as a harness made off an up cycled dress shirt.
Griff hopes for his collection to showcase a new outlook on sex-related art, and most importantly, to show people that sex work is real work. Creating a line of business attire showcasing sex and its many facets, he challenges others to reconsider the stigmas around sex work and offer the industry the same respect that any other would be given.