HAIZHEN WANG AW17 'In Transit'
17th February 2017

Late on Friday afternoon we were honoured to have been invited to Haizhen Wang’s presentation at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 17. Due to the high popularity and reputation of the designer, we were queuing in line for this 'invitation-only' event outside of the small Swiss Church near Covent Garden. Hundreds of fashion editors, stylists and industry professionals occupied this little space, excited to see what the newest Haizhen Wang collection was going to surprise us with.

We had high expectations from the winner of the Fashion Fringe Prize 2012 - one of the most prestigious awards for emerging fashion designers in the UK. As a Chinese contemporary fashion designer and Central Saint Martins alumnus, Haizhen Wang has not left us short.

For this season, his avant-garde style with a modernist approach to elegance has once again set the bar high. His collection was a reinterpretation of movement and what moving means in this day and age. With the ongoing global immigration crisis, the collection took the form of an immigrant. As an immigrant, a person is constantly on the move – he becomes his most precious cargo.

Layered outfits and raincoat materials are acclimatised to the natural elements, as asylum seekers often have to sleep outside in rain and face extreme weather conditions. During the presentation, the models walked around moving boxes labeled as ‘Fragile’, ‘Priority’ and ‘Handle With Care’ referring to the notion that the life of a immigrant is in a similar situation.

The colour palette ranges from strong and bold blue, red and yellow that blend well with earthy tones of camouflage khaki and ochre. His signature looks of raw edges and deconstruction were very much apparent though we could see his new direction present also.