Hally Ahmed's work is political, bold, and colourful. She looks at how the media victim-blame women for their sexual assault/rape, whilst gaining inspiration for her designs from attending feminist talks and protests.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Hally has finished her degree at University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, studying Fashion Textiles: Print. She will be continuing her studies in Printed Textiles for Fashion & Interiors Masters.

Hally has a strong sense of self and style the way she dresses has influenced her graduate collection, which is all about power-dressing, empowerment and raising awareness of men's violence against women and girls.

Using typography, hand cut collages and hand drawn designs which are then digitalised into repeat prints; she has created a body of work that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women.

Due to Covid-19, her collection was not able to get completed, however she plans to finish it because of the message it carries for women.