Born in Lincolnshire as a coast and country girl and lover of the natural world, Hannah Bourn is a multi award winning British jewellery designer who appreciates the beauty of nature and wants to exhibit this through her authentic designs.

Hannah studied jewellery design at the prestigious Central St Martins in London, where her final collection explores the human connection with the natural world. Her pieces are reminiscent of the sea, respectful of the earth, and carry the message of something both beautiful but fragile, which has the potential to re-connect the wearer to the world from which they came from.

Hannah’s collection ‘TOUCH OF THE SEA’ reflects her personal attachment to the power of nature. She is deeply connected to the sensory experience we encounter whilst at the seashore - the smell of seaweed, the freshness of the air, the range of colours and the organic shapes of items deposited by the force of nature itself.

Hannah’s is based between her Lincolnshire studio and London. She demonstrates quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and creating pieces to treasure both now and in the future.