Hannah Bulley’s graduate collection ‘Optical Exposure’ draws inspiration from X-rays which led her into researching X-rayed garments from the X-ray artist, Nick Veasey. Utilising the details that appear within these X-rays which Hannah found an intriguing research point. The Balenciaga dress was a starting silhouette within this collection which used vintage sewing patterns to achieve this shape. To contrast with the couture elements Hannah developed a casual sportswear essence, focusing on hoodies.

Using layering, transparent fabrication and digital printed trompe l’oeil she has created an X-ray effect. This shows a range of styles to create the same effect as an X-ray. The fabric was an important element within the whole collection to give the illusion of an X-ray. Organza, chiffon and georgette were the main fabrics used. Layering these fabrics up and the use of fabric manipulation allows Hannah to achieve the X-ray image.

After experimenting with vintage sewing patterns and details from the Nick Veaseys X-rays Hannah developed an abstract digital print to go alongside the sportswear element of her collection. This print included her using photoshop and illustrator to start layering up the ribs and using transparency to create depth within this print design.

This is Hannah’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Hannah was only able to create looks one and two of her collection, and would have loved to see the rest of her collection come to life. The other outfits within this collection would continue to use organzas, chiffons, lycra and digital print.