Hannah Cali Trauger is currently a year 3 student at Istituto Marangoni London and is due to graduate in the Summer of ‘22. She will be graduating with a BA in Fashion Design & Womenswear. She is looking forward to starting work with an ethical company where she can get her foot in the door and learn at a high level.

Her collection is based around the idea of how Growth is effortless but acknowledges it is another story. Her collection embodies the hard truth of growing up and explores that unique relationship between child, young adult and elder with the attempt to break the traditions.

When considering sustainability she came to a realization. Over 300,000 pieces of clothing are tossed into landfills weekly in the UK. One leading cause of this vast number is children’s clothes. The average toddler grows out of as many as 7 sizes within a two years period. The effects of this are extensive.

This led Hannah to the thought that, as a young designer, she had the choice to impact these numbers. This mindset gave her the idea to design around used childrens garments. With the help of a seam ripper she was able to deconstruct the childrens clothes and form a collection all based around this concept. The children's garments, once deconstructed and placed onto the body felt for some unique silhouettes which were pulled through into her designs.