‘Golden Boys’ explores Hannah Ennis’ Dublin heritage and looks into the cultural setting for menswear in Ireland today. Aimed at a young customer but keeping the appeal of the brand broad, the collection is inspired by the common trait of sportswear and knitwear on the streets of Dublin.

Inspired by the great success of Irish designers in the 1950s Hannah Ennis seeks to apply some of the Irish design staples that were established then into a modern menswear context. Focussing on Dublin street style and putting an extravagant twist to it. Addressing the differences between north-side and south-side Dublin and exploring the importance of sports wear and the context around it in how Irish men tend to dress today. Historically the collection also draws on Ireland’s Celtic heritage and applies the principles of decorative Celtic gold and its shapes.


By applying intricate textile techniques to sportswear materials they are lifted out of their known context and changed to convey a new message and giving the opportunity for men who feel alienated by sports culture to wear them and express another emotion with them. The new shapes put the whole Irish sports culture into a new light and hope to draw reflection on it. The title ‘Golden Boys’ reflects the sentiment of the untouchability of Irish sportsmen and their cultural surrounding.