Hannah Gilbert’s collection ‘Not Ur Sim’ brings to life a team of superheroines out of the video game world and into reality. She aims to celebrate the incredible strength and forces that women behold by designing sport style clothing with a futuristic and industrial look as if from another planet. As a child, instead of believing in superheroes Hannah idolized athletes and perceived them as almighty and otherworldly. Her research examines the roles that women play in video games and also took inspiration from leading females in comics and action movies such as Lara Croft, the Matrix, and Ghost in the Shell. She delved into the imaginary and dystopian worlds of videogames and futuristic movies to depict her own world for her collection. Dress and sport have always been a way of empowerment and fulfilment and therefore brings these two aspects together in her collection. She advocates that wearing sportswear motivates you to be active and feel powerful. Through her collection Hannah has created these ultra females who are ready to tackle any mission.

A playful approach was applied to the narrative of her collection; each look is like a costume that is designed to match the setting of the different imaginary worlds, such as Desert Mars, Volcanic Meltdown, Lava Island, Moonlight City, Mercury Underground, and Caves of Venus.

Hannah’s collection features a tennis tracksuit, tennis dress, ski pants and overcoat, cycling shorts, a wetsuit, rainwear, scuba trousers, wetsuit style sports corset and a lycra maxi dress.

In order to obtain the newest textile innovations and professional sportswear fabrics Hannah visited a technical textiles trade fare in Paris that elevated her collection to a higher level. She also upcycled ski garments and wetsuits for draping and to use the fabric in some of her designs.

Hannah has a very strong graphical eye and explored this within her print designs. Sticking to the digital theme she experimented with laser cutting and engraving techniques to manipulate her fabric. The wetsuit she designed is made out of neoprene upon which she has cleverly laser engraved her print designs.