Currently, Hannah is halfway through her final year at Kingston University, London: studying Fashion Design BA HONS Womenswear. Hannah has recently finished her Pre-Collection project, the step before Final-Collection. Hannah is influenced by Urban Permaculture, Urban Living and Biomimicry in the city. Urban permaculture aims to transform cities, by making them greener and more sustainable. Giving residents the option to join a more holistic way of living, even in big cities. It helps to create a continuous cycle where everything is used to its fullest potential, and nothing is wasted. Taking inspiration from her mum's gardening obsession during the lockdown, Hannah wanted to create a sustainable collection that embraced an Urban Permaculture lifestyle. This was designed and created for a busy woman working in the city, then coming home and digging up a dinner. Large pockets and ties were used throughout the design for practical features.


Hannah has a strong passion for natural dyes. Learning this forgotten craftsmanship has been Hannah’s aim during the first lockdown. Growing and experimenting with a vast amount of colours from her garden has influenced the designer's designs. Experimenting with a broad range of sustainable fabrics such as SeaCell, banana skin, and growing her own fabric out of fermented SCOBY has allowed a playfulness to Hannah’s collection. Moving into her Final Collection, Hannah will twist her Pre-Collection with strong empowerment for woman and the naked female body. Hannah is heavily influenced by the Expressionist artist movement. The Expressionists take their muse from a naked body, which they say resembles mother nature herself. Bringing in an element of a woman’s sexiness and body to the garment through silhouette, print and colour will allow Hannah’s personality to come out through the collection. Hannah has a passion for fashion photography and creating her own editorials with what she can during the lockdown. Hannah will photograph and style her own final collection in 2021.