Hannah’s collection explores human existence within everyday life - initially, she focused on herself and documented what she wore for a full year, before exploring further. A lot of her wardrobe consisted of both men and women's tailoring - which she has chosen to clearly reference within her collection in the form of both garment types and fabric choices. The process of rapid realisation was used to explore the formality of already existing garments in unconventional ways, through styling, combining fabrics and textures, as well as colour to visualise an initial starting point for the collection. Men's suit jackets and duster coats became familiarised garments of everyday life and were developed further in relation to Wurm’s very square KASTENMÄNNER sculptures of clothing.

For this collection, Hannah combined both tailoring and stretch lycra pieces - which were inspired by Erwin Wurm’s Palmer series. The series showcases lingerie worn in obscure and manipulated ways - encapsulating or trapping parts of the body within the garment.

The stretch pieces within the collection represent the unexpected contradictions that surround everyday life through manipulation of there own formality. The combination of both stretch and wool fabric within the collection adds a pleasantly, unusual depth, which is only enhanced further by the awkwardly interesting colour palette. Hues of brown and red sit nicely next to satin pinks and purple.

The collection showcases 7 looks, one for every day of the week. Each look sits unified under the same theme, and all garments can be interchanged and recombined within each of the looks to fit whatever day of the week it is.

The designer has also made complementary accessories to coincide with each of the looks; badges, silk scarfs and footwear all representing a day of the week - ie Tuesday flipper heel - which in turn will never let you forget what day of the week it is.