Heesu Kim is a fashion practitioner specialising in constructed embellished design, combining traditional textile techniques such as batik, felting, beading and more with a modern unique approach to her design aesthetic.

Based in New York, Heesu completed a BA in Fashion Design, specialised in womenswear and pattern making in South Korea, taking classes at Bunka College of Fashion in Japan. After graduation, she moved to London then and New York to broaden her perspectives and creativity in fashion and textiles at Central Saint Martins and Parsons. Heesu has had experiences in multiple fashion shows, festivals and competitions as an assistant, designer and general manager. Her latest internship was at Arje as a design intern for a year during her study at Parsons. She is a recent graduate of Parsons, class of 2020.

Over her course of study, she travelled around the world, starting enquires into the concept of genuineness and the true face of humanity, being heavily influenced by provocative artists such as Banksy and Louise Bourgeois. The contemplation combined with her favourite style of art & impressionism, led her to engage in unusual colour pallets and perspectives creating textiles and construction approaching fashion.

Heesu's raw and quirky message about humans and societies transform into a romantic perception by her innovative, yet artisanal fabrications, tailored but unique and witty techniques.