Holly Bryant's collection was heavily inspired by WW2 military paratroopers uniform combined with denim work wear with influences from dazzle ships. The continuous theme of the collection explores the idea of re-purposing fabric to create a sustainable theme throughout the garments. Holly recycled fabrics such as parachute and denim she choose to hand print the dazzle ship/camo design onto the discarded fabric using a heat press to make it more eco-friendly, this toned down the vibrant colours from the dazzle ship and gave a vintage look to the print.

During the process of combining structured military workwear with the fluidity of the parachute, Holly decided she wanted to keep the aspects of structure whilst utilising as much of the parachute and deconstructed denim sourced from charity shops as possible. Holly took all the different shapes she had from her second hand fabric and used drape to create silhouettes that have a solid formation but still maintained a relaxed feel.

To mirror the structure that the denim portrays she has used lightweight parachute to re-create the bold, high collars and uniform shapes. To balance each look, the collection has a unified theme of pairing the parachute either under or over the denim pieces and tying them together with the same print design printed on the different fabrics to give each piece a unique feel.