The inspiration for Holly’s collection was founded while acknowledging the vast amount of plastic pollution that had gathered in the sea, while on a family holiday in the South of Spain. In an attempt to raise awareness on this environmental problem, she participated in the 2019 Global Climate Strike. Her concept materialised and generated a shift in her creative design thinking towards this project.

She approached the design process with an experimental attitude and created handmade textures to investigate construction opportunities. While focusing on ghost fishing nets and plastic pollution, she used a weaving loom to create interesting samples. Her craftsmanship was continued onto the manufacturing process, where she used a heat press to make plastic name tags and buttons for her garments.

Holly wanted to reflect on resplendent marine life in her work and encapsulates their pollution story by integrating plastic bags within her designs. These design features surfaced while creating stitched samples and developing her ideas further by manipulating plastic bags around mannequins. Jellyfish are predominantly her main inspiration and their organic forms have been thoughtfully imbedded within her designs.

Including an iridescent pop of colour into this collection, introduces the fun Spring/ Summer season. The playful aesthetic, is a modern take on existing sustainable designs and approaches the projects aim in a commercial manner. By achieving her goal and using 100% recycled fabric in her garments, she demonstrates the ability to do so on a larger scale and urges designers to invest in this practise.