Holly MacLeod’s collection was inspired by her own personal style, considering the unconventional way she chooses to style herself from her eclectic wardrobe. Looking at the likes of flytipping, hybrids and the collage work from the art movement Dada who expressed nonsense and irrationality, something she hoped her collection would reflect, in an effort to remind people that fashion is fun and joyous.

Following on from the research of collage, Holly took images and collaged over them to create unexpected, disproportionate silhouettes, showcasing a range of colours and textures. She even collaged in armchairs and headboards, as her spin on flytipping within her designs. The prints featured in the collection were orginal artworks by Holly, encorporating hybrid animals such as cat pigs and leopard pigs in an array of vibrant colours and textures. It was important for Holly to keep classic fabrics and cuts within her design process to make her designs functional and relatable.

Holly’s final collection is an explosion of colours and textures, amplified by the unsual layering. It feels happy and carefree, inspiring us all to be more bold with our use of colours and prints in our everyday wear. There is something for everyone in this collection which features all of the classics that were important to her in proving her point that fashion can be fun and functional.