The Valkyrie Collection was inspired by two key groups of goddesses in Norse mythology - the Valkyries and the Norns. Holly took inspiration from different aspects of Norse mythology such as ravens, runes and threads to create silhouettes, details and embellishments. Embroidery and embellishment is featured heavily throughout, with attention to detail and a slow fashion approach to craftsmanship. The overall mood of the collection is a modern, ethereal atmosphere with tougher elements to reflect the Valkyries’ status as warrior goddesses.

Holly’s collection is made up of moody jewel tones and a variety of different fabric weights and textures. Structured leatherette bodices are juxtaposed by fine draped dresses and skirts, with tailored outwear interspersed through the collection. A relaxed, elongated silhouette promotes the cool, confident attitude of the wearer. Holly uses a range of upcycled, deadstock, natural and synthetic fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Holly studied garments from different levels of the industry to ground her collection with technical knowledge of garment construction.

The pieces in Holly’s collection are very fabric-driven, with the drape and texture of fabric playing a large role in the design. For the draped garments, development begins with draping on the stand and moulage on a half-scale mannequin. This creates a silhouette as a base, and seam lines and other details are drawn later. The embellishment is designed through a series of sketches and sampling, using a combination of different techniques to create interesting and highly intricate compositions.

This is Holly’s final line up. Although the coronavirus pandemic meant that Holly couldn’t finish her collection at university, she plans to complete the remaining pieces in her own time. The remainder of the collection will feature draped dresses, separates and suiting with embellishment throughout.