Honor Cameron’s graduate collection, Blackberrying, was produced in response to the designer’s introspective outlook. The project aims to convey a nostalgic longing to be a child again she experienced when suffering from adolescent depression which was intensified by the pressures of growing up. The melancholic narrative of Sylvia Plath’s poem and namesake of the collection, Blackberrying, influenced the direction of the project.

The memory of blackberry picking as a child evokes a bittersweet feeling within the designer and encompassed the intended mood of the collection well. The collection follows the same theme throughout to produce individual outfits that are completed with Honor Cameron’s own millinery designs. Cameron was keen to experiment with technically challenging pattern cutting to create a corset with re-imagined seams which she used as a base for her dress silhouettes. She chose to use a juxtaposition between fitted garments and free flowing drapes held in place by soft bows to create a physical representation of the unease she felt growing up.

The resulting garments are carefully constructed pieces which blend a strong colour palette and use of textiles to build a collection which balances the dramatic and sinister with the whimsical and sensitive.