Inspired by Monet’s water lilies, Vivian’s collection explores the relationship between virtual and reality; the reflected sunset combined with the real-life water lilies creates a sense of mystery and romance. Using a colour palette of pink and black, she explores symmetrical hand-dyed knit patterns that represent a virtual space where everything is reflected. Her collection of sustainable multi-functional garments varies in terms of texture, pattern and wearing method. Due to the elastic elements, the garment can fit a wide range of figures and body types including men and women.

Regarding variable ways to wear, Vivian aimed to create a garment that has no specific front and back - a garment that people can wear in any way, each way coming with different effects. She used Adobe Photoshop to model the different possible combinations of the pieces of sample fabric to form different clothes. This cloth can be broken up into smaller sub-parts made by garments that can be re-combined in different ways.