Huihai Chen’s collection was heavily inspired by video of inhuman farms all over the world, all animals are suffering in tiny cages with inappropriate care only for getting their fur. The fashion industry in the main consumer of the fur trade. As a designer, Huihai Chen wanted to create a collection that warns people not to use fur products. In his after collection, digital printing was used as the main method to perform his ideas.

During the process of combining traditional menswear with modern technique, Huihai Chen developed his range by several fabrics with different weights and textures. For this collection, Chen oberved the Asim, a tiger that caged in London ZSL zoo. Asim was regarded as Chen’s reference of middle creature that between wild animals and animals in fur farm. By recording Asim’s activity timetable and route. He has designed nine amazing looks with difficult pattern cutting methodology, through folding the fabrics to make the fabric more 3D shape and achieve a strong visual impact, all inspired from the caged Asim, the tiger fur has always been regarded as a symbol of power and money, Chen wants to find the better fabric substitute to save more animals.

The collection was built on lots of experiments and fittings to make sure that every step is pushing the project in the right direction,By compare the lengths of tiger’s and human’s and through closing the darts to shorten the length of fabric, many amazing structures came out in Chen’s process, he nice documented each test and through photoshop to compare the different structure shapes or sizes on human body.