Ieva Skikaite’s inspiration for her collection derives from family background and her teenage years spent by the seaside, exploring the workwear attire of fishermen. Paying attention to functionality and menswear detailing, fishermen aspects such as ropes, cords and netting, together with a focus on waterproof gear, are dominant elements of her research and development. Ieva’s collection creates a character of a powerful, fierce woman using luxury fabrics, transforming and juxtaposing harsh fishermen details into elegant and flowy pieces.

Taking inspiration from the movement and reflection of the ocean, reminiscing the school years spent by the seafront, these ideas are communicated through the use of certain fabrication and silhouette. For example, quality silks and reflective cotton create dreamy yet strong pieces. By incorporating rope and lightweight jersey into her collection, Ieva brings a twist to the classic feminine womenswear as well as using zippers to create multi-purposeful pieces, giving the wearer a choice of styling options. Ieva Skikaite has also designed two bags to elevate the looks, using the fishing net and contrasting satin, bags can be worn in two ways, stressing an emphasis on functionality yet keeping the minimalistic elegant feel.


The collection holds simplicity, however, is crafted with careful consideration of each detail, meticulous construction and technicalities. Ieva’s designs carry a personal and emotional feeling that is translated into beautifully made modern pieces. Her designs demonstrate a youthful elegance, creating an independent woman of today.