A limited-edition-only label, ILANIO creates art work collectibles. Experimental at heart, eventful by essence, ILANIO's projects range from the purely conceptual to the practical and wearable. Think of the art side of what we do as the R&D department for the collectibles that we sell.

Imbued with the transgressive spirit of its San Francisco roots, ILANIO combines the cutting edge with the cosmopolitan. It is a new type of brand based on both collaboration and curation - a concept label, making art pieces for everyday life.Commodities turned into statements of self-expression. Breaking down barriers between art, fashion, and commerce, ILANIO is a concept label of “art-that-works”.

Bridging the gap between concept and life, ILANIO works with top experts in each category, bringing a fresh eye into existing manufacturing know-hows, to turn its art-sider vision into high-end pieces that work.

The brainchild behind the brand is experimental artist Ilan Reuben. His work is a reflection of his ongoing creative quest, examining how clothing both signifies and controls our relationship with our bodies, and the psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual implications of that connection. ILANIO is his effort to create a community around this work. To bring it to more people, on a deeper level. To infuse artistic expressiveness in everyday life.