Imperial Legacy stands for family, stands for friendship, stands for strength, for the people by the people. We believe that regardless of what someone may believe we are all created equal, and it is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to do our part to help each other to be our best and to strive. My sister and I decided the world needed something to come into the fashion industry and make a change, that's what Imperial Legacy is. We are the change that the fashion industry has been craving. We are here to show everyone that you have a place to belong. No matter what you thought about yourself in the past, Imperial Legacy is here to empower you to be more than what you ever thought you were capable of being. Our followers are empowered through our creative approach to fashion and design.

Imperial Legacy is about following your dreams and leading by example. We want to empower people to never give up and fight for their dreams. Imperial Legacy donates yearly to mental health efforts as well as working in the mental health field as Case Managers under our sister company MentIL. We consider Mental Health an essential part of our daily lives. Keeping up with mental health is a daily concern that many forget, so we believe that by incorporating both fashion and mental health together allows us to create a new platform to educate the world on both mental health and fashion.

We are all inclusive. Imperial Legacy is about finding your tribe and we want you embrace the Legacy. Everyone is invited to walk with the Legacy and learn how to be their best selves, fashionable, and open minded to the world. Let’s grow together  Live, Love, Legacy