Ina Hsu’s 2020 Resort collection is about what the designer think of a contemporary woman. We are living in the society that appreciate males’s characteristics more than females’ even in these recent decades. What Ina want to promote in this collection is that women are no longer need to put on a neat power suit or acting ration like a man to be confident. They should feel fine and safe being themselves.

The designer has been inspired by power suits of latest decades on runways and the difference between them is that the aim of “Powersuit Revolution” was trying to embrace women’s chaos and complication.

Since the boundary between genders are getting blurry, the designer stroke a perfect balance between masculinity and femininity with these feminine cinched-waist silhouettes and masculine square shoulders, in neutral high-end tailoring fabric.


Another inspiration the designer seized from observing women is that they are always more complicated than you thought when you really get to know them. So base on the silhouettes that have been developed, the designer applied further 3d curves designs so you may have different thoughts watching them from different distance.