A minimalist but complex tone embodies the ‘Flawed Beauty’ collection by Ines Vilas Boas, with a brand new approach to fabric manipulation, this collection managed to captivate and express the acceptance of transience and imperfection, the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

This collection features unique pieces exuding a new form of beauty, one that encapsulates the moving bodies in time and an unconventional style stand out against a palette of Whites, Blacks, Greens and Stripy Blues. Using quirky and distinctive fabrics, materials and techniques, this collection manages to further showcase the beauty that hides in between time and movement, through the deconstruction of classical pieces coupled with a forward-thinking, honest and revolutionary approach to clothes making. Imperfection is a form of beauty demystified in this collection, they became the tool for romance and poetry.

The asymmetric nature of the garments establishes the complex yet quiet tailoring featuring throughout the collection. The designer went above and beyond in order to create something unique that would express this idea of ‘flawed beauty’. Throughout the creative process, she developed a new combination of materials/fabrics that resulted in the creation of a new fabric combination that allowed the possibility to perfectly express the designer’s idea and concept for this collection, resulting in truly distinct masterpieces.

Each garment is true to its idea, that being, impermanent, subject to the conditions of the time. The garment will not be the same in a different person, place or time, it shapes to its user and conditions. Flawed Beauty managed to bring something, fresh, revolutionary and yet beautiful, in a time where the word ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ seems rather difficult to use when describing a creative project.