The eponymous brand, tiantian, solidified its place in fashion early when founder Tian Wang received the ASOS LTD100 award in 2009 and getting praise from fashion’s harshest critics, Susie Bubble and Markus Lupfer. Heralded for her keen eye for digital prints, she takes inspiration from nature and uses motifs of landscapes and flowers to amplify her refined tailoring.
As a child, Tian Wang would run wild with her imagination playing with various household objects. Her house became her personal playground and she would grab at anything within her reach. Bed sheets became her item du jour. She was fascinated by the way it draped and fell creating new silhouettes. Graduating from her makeshift playpen, Tian enrolled herself in art and design courses, a natural progression for her creative mind.


On designing clothes, Tian’s philosophy is as follows: “for every first-class design and product, much time is needed to be spent on their creation”. Turning her back on the need for speed to vie for a spot amongst fast fashion’s competitors, Tian’s unwavering practice has proved true the old adage: slow and steady wins the race. The time spent on these collections is split carefully across all sectors of her business. Between scouring the library shelves for archives and traveling, she allocates an ample amount of time on marketing.


“I am interested in balancing the commercial with the creativity. And I care about the customer experience so much that I think it’s a key point for designers to focus on in order to keep their business running”.


The tiantian aesthetic is renowned for its digital prints. Utilising her observations of Mother Nature’s artistry, she then transfers them onto select textures and digitized prints. Extracting from her own childhood perceptions, Tian falls back on using draping as her first choice of technique. Constructing new silhouettes from a mélange of fabrics, Tian’s designs focus heavily on harmony. Monotone colours in black, white or striking reds and blues are paired with rich fabrics and contemporary cuts whilst her reputable digital prints are printed on clean and classic silhouettes.