"In 2016, a friend needed to attend an occasion and wanted to order custom made jewellery to wear. After days of searching and unable to find a place that could make it and have it delivered on time (at a reasonable cost), she complained to me and on the spur of the moment, without any thought whatsoever, I decided to take on the challenge to make it for her. It was a huge success as it garnered many compliments at the occasion. This stirred up the creative side of me, a perfect blend with my rich Geological background. I have always been fascinated by the pure beauty of many different varieties of quartz stone, I love rose, quartz....subtle and feminine."

"Over the years I have discovered that I can visualise different jewellery designs and bring them to life. I have since evolved to designing other things like dresses, scarfs and t-shirts. I am amazed at the creative bursts that i get and I'm loving every moment of it….its simply extraordinary! Literally every piece you see on our website was divinely inspired. And that is how Irene Kol London was born! As they say, the rest is history..."

‘You are what you wear’, as the saying goes. Although there’s definitely a degree of truth behind it, Irene Kol's approach is best summed up by ‘clothes are fun’. Irene Kol London is the place to visit to find trendy, customised clothing, bespoke jewellery, fun accessories, and brilliant textiles. They create the most fabulous designs for absolutely every occasion, building an extensive selection that allows them to cater to everyone’s taste. For them, it’s equally important that they provide expert advice and a fantastic service. If you make a request, they’ll be happy to create something unique that suits your style