With a focus on structure, silhouette, and design narrative, Isabel Antic is a recently graduated creative pattern cutter based in London.

Born and raised in Chicago, Isabel relocated to London in 2015 to begin her studies in Fashion Pattern Cutting at London College of Fashion. She completed her degree with first-class honours in 2020 and is aiming to stay in London and grow a career as a freelance pattern cutter.

Her graduate collection was inspired by the representation of the Femme Fatale archetype used in the film noir movement of 20th century cinema. The design concept and narrative of her collection follows the story of a femme fatale; from her introduction as a demure image of beauty and elegance to her transformation into a progressively mysterious and dimensional character.

Designing around the themes of transformation, dimension and femininity, Isabel’s collection displays these concepts through a variety of pattern cutting techniques. Her initial stand work and design development was inspired by the femme fatale’s transformation and metamorphosis. This led the stand work to show a changing balance between femininity and masculinity through uncommon placement of lapels and tailoring, layering of structure and drape, and asymmetrical silhouettes. Isabel’s collection also displays these themes through subtraction sewing techniques to represent the changing dimension of the characters which inspired her work.