Isabella Del Zoppo’s collection was inspired by the joy and energy that electronic music can bring people when they are together, under one roof, dancing all night long, no matter where they are from, their culture, sexual orientation and beliefs, because in this place there are no preconceptions. The collection is meant to create a better awarness of what people used to be in the 80’s & 90’s, they were a united tribe, that did anything for the sake of good music, they shared happiness, helped ecah other unconditionally, were more positive and full of energy.

The main focus of the collection was the rave subculture and its evolution throughout the past 20 years. To get a greater understanding of the concept I have started to analyse symbols of the era their meanings and uses. I was also inspired by several contemporary aritsts such as the work of : Jeremy Deller, Dean Chalkley, Irene de Andres, Andreas Gursky, Miuccia Prada and Wolfgang Tillmans. Each of them giving me a different angle of this concept. During the design process I have blended key garments of the rave period, especially documented by renowed photographers of the time with much fresher and innovative features of what club culture is nowadays and streetstyle. To intensify the message I have used a contrast of technical fabrics, very bold colours and reflective features.

As you notice, the garments cut and silhouette is oversized and baggy, to facilitate move and ensure comfort all day around. Each look was considered in terms of utility and practicality, it benefits of plenty of pocket space but also comes with a specific accessory that defines even more the outfit, for instance the waist bag, which can be worn in many different ways.

When it come to product, Isabella Del Zoppo is a designer that likes to think 360 degrees: from fabrics and trimmings, design ideas, to construction, pattern cutting and production.