Isabelle Copeland is a multi-disciplinary textile designer residing in London. She is currently in her second year at Central Saint Martins studying textile design, specialising in knit. Her designs push the boundaries of what materials can be and highlight the magic of highly detailed craftsmanship.

Isabelle aims to create work that lives on various dimensions: the physical, social, personal and spiritual. Her work engages others on each of these existential levels. This concept is something that Isabelle always keeps at the forefront of her mind when working on any project. She is driven by the realisation that materials can come together to convey and illuminate the richness and diversity of human experience.

From an early age, Isabelle has been especially fascinated by exploring alternative production methods and experimenting with diverse media and innovative techniques. She is passionate about creating handcrafted textiles for fashion and likes to think of much of her work as forms of ‘wearable art’.

Music has the power to alter moods, create emotions and lift even the lowest of spirits. Throughout history, soldiers have relied upon music as a form of escapism, relaxation and distraction. This project, ‘Intermezzo in Battle’ enabled Isabelle to explore the role of music during turbulent times of war. Her final garment represents the hope and joy brought to troops during desperate times. Working on this project throughout lockdown allowed Isabelle to see a clear parallel between war and the pandemic. In both circumstances, people crave comfort and protection. Consequently, Isabelle was inspired to design a mask and a headband along with her final garment.