Isabelle Taylor’s collection was inspired by her love and passion for her home beach, Brighton. All her inspiration came from the seafront and pier, it’s where her project came to life. She loved the shapes of the rides and beach architecture and wanted to see how they would form 3D silhouettes. Her main research focus is the photographs she took of the beach which included West pier, Bandstand, i360, beach huts, sweets and pier rides. Through the shapes she explored through photographs and detailed drawing motifs, Isabelle formed her Spring/Summer 2020 Womenswear collection.

During the process Isabelle created many digital prints from her photography research and drawings trying to create the vibe of fun and exciting putting that in her collection. Her prints are all inspired by the beach and rides. Each outfit in her collection has a different theme which all fits in with the beach theme. She has used many colours a mix of light and dark colours to catch the essence of making some colours stand out to others. Pink and purple is mainly used in her collection as those are two of her favourite colours. She has created a range of different prints, some are repeats and some are statements, she mostly enjoyed creating collages of prints, using lots of layers. She has used a range of different polyesters as her printing technique was digital dye sub. Her fabric was a mix of soft, shiny, floaty, stretchy and little hard, she wanted a mixture of polyesters to show she has explored and research what fabrics best worked with her theme and ideas for collection.

She wanted her collection to be fun all round, so she made accessories and jewellery to go with it. Due to Covid-19 she sadly didn’t get to finish making her collection, so outfit 3 and 4 did’nt get made. However the accessories and jewellery did. The ticket acrylic belt and shell towel design features in outfit 4 along with the shell necklace and ice cream earrings. The lolly pop earrings and necklace feature in outfit 3.