Isla Day is a London-based luxury sleepwear brand creating timeless and sustainable pyjamas, that are comfortable, stylish and friendly for our planet.

The brand was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by Jaya Sharma, when living healthily and caring for our planet became a real priority. Born during a time when most of us were living in loungewear coupled with the need to shop and support local businesses and take care of our things, Isla Day was formed.

The brand has invested a lot of time into researching fabrics and sourcing the best materials available. With a background in Material Engineering, designer Jaya spent a lot of her time exploring fabrics that are both durable and environmentally friendly. Isla Day uses modal cotton for its soft and breathable durability to help promote a ‘buy less often’ approach. The cotton is created using wood pulp, a sustainable raw material, in a closed-loop production, ensuring the local environment stays protected, including minimising chemical emissions to air or water.

The production runs are limited through the year as Isla Day values slow fashion and purposely creates a timeless pyjama silhouette that can be worn over and over, as they believe in conscious living. This means the brand doesn’t always release new styles, instead they focus their efforts on creating the perfect pyjamas made to last, in easy to wear and classic colour palettes.

Isla Day aims to extend its pyjama collection to include other sustainable fabrics and continue to evolve using the classic style as the signature look for the brand.