Iz.akunna researched Victorian funeral attire from the 1800th-1900th to inspire the shape and silhouette. She was inspired by the big sleeves and tight waist with a lot of volume on the bottom. The images of toxic waste and oil spills inspired my print. I played with acrylic ink in water to recreate a lake of toxic waste and manipulated the photos in photoshop to create depth.

Digital print generates the least water waste, so I wanted to use this method. I experimented with layering two or more prints of organza on top of solid printed fabric. To create depth and a 3D feeling. Mixing the shape and silhouette from mourning attire with the toxic waste print I created. Illustrates peoples last outfit drenched in toxic waste, dressed for the world’s funeral.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional pattern cutting and finishing. Zhang's design tells a story of how fashion pieces present a defined beauty and atmosphere, through the considered combination of fashion pieces and background. The resulting end products demonstrate the impression of the crash and fusion, between contemporary civilisation and eastern legacy.