My collection 'moore' was the combination of two projects, the shapes were inspired by Henry Moore's work and personal style, mixing the organic outlines present in his sculptures with tailored silhouettes. My textiles on the other hand were inspired by an oil spillage that happened in the Northeast of Brazil, where I was born and raised, which killed a lot of our wildlife and caused the local fishing communities to lose their income.

When it came to the jewellery of this collection, which I chose to showcase here, I wanted something that tied the knot between both my inspirations, Moore and the oil spillage. I realized their common ground was the beach, where the horrible oil incident happened and where Henry would often go to for inspiration; the pebbles in Brighton gave me the idea of exploring their shapes and traslating them to ceramics. The colours were chosen in reference to the clean sea deep blue and the oil black tones.

The making part was done in partnership with my mother, Helena Assis, who’s a sculpturer and artist who uses ceramics as a medium, amongst other materials. We did it from a distance as I live in the UK and she lives in Brazil, it was amazing to collaborate and see every step of the collection becoming reality as we went in and out of the ceramics oven until we reached the right results.