Jasmine Farmer’s collection has a primary focus on colour and texture. Exploring intricate knit structures to display her concept of Tactile Nostalgia, a concept based upon the idea of Braille - a way of fabric evolving into something sensory through contrasting yarns and fabric manipulation.

Throughout her time at Nottingham Trent University where she studied Fashion Knitwear design and Knitted Textiles Jasmine’s main focus was to develop her knowledge of knitwear through development of stitch and texture. Breathing life into the fabric with the use of elastic yarns to create ruching effects, fabric manipulation through fringing and the use of tactile yarns to add a three dimensional element.

Jasmine has gained a years work experience interning for G H Hurt and Son and Sophie Steller studio where she gained valuable commerical knowledge. She then applied this commercial knowledge to experiment creatively throughout her collection. Throughout her time on placement, Jasmine realised her focus was to create high quality pieces that are hand crafted - creating garment longevity - aside from the fast production of the garment industry.

Through her yarn sponsorship with Topline - Jasmine realised her love for high quality yarns such as mohair and cashmere, contrasting this with modern Lycra’s to add stitch definition.