Jasmine Schulte graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Fashion Design and textile minor from Moore College of Art & Design in 2020.

Schulte won both the AIMCO Award for Outstanding Portfolio & the Deborah Warner Award for Fashion Design Major with Textile Minor. Philadelphia Fashion Week exhibited Schulte’s thesis prototypes in February 2020.

Jasmine Schulte specializes in knitwear design inspired by organic textures and silhouettes which are achieved through machine knitting and handcrafting textile-based appliques. Using soft sculpture and unique draping techniques, Schulte creates one of a kind avant-garde fashion by using a range of fibres including cones of ethically wool from the local yarn mill, novelty eyelash yarns, recycled canvas and other unconventional upholstery fabrics.

Deceptive Nostalgia is an emotional journey through Schulte’s childhood home where she had experienced the sudden traumatic loss of her family at the hands of domestic violence. Revisiting the abandoned and overgrown property prevailed beauty within the way Earth reclaims the forgotten structures of deteriorating memories and permanent trauma. Despite the negative emotions, Schulte chooses to embrace them through naturalistic textures and eerie silhouettes so heavy they require weight-bearing understructures to physically achieve. Boundary pushing knitwear and innovative textile design are Schulte’s biggest passions as she plans to pursue custom avant-garde knitwear.