Jasey’s collection was inspired by the ambience of city nightlife. This collection was conceptualized during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic while Jasey lived in a dead New York City. City Lights is a collection that pulls inspiration from the nostalgia of pre- pandemic life and socialisation that we lacked during this time.

The beginning of the design process consists of countless sketches, never-ending swatches, and a lot of coffee. This collection was one of Jasey's most difficult collections since it had to be created completely out of her small two-bedroom apartment. Since she is a tactile designer, the fabric is one of the most important aspects to design. Jasey spent hours in fabric shops and online searching for the perfect materials for this collection, making sure to incorporate different textures and weights. Every detail was meticulously planned, down to the matching hardware in all of the garments.

City Lights is one of Jasey's most notable collections, created amid a global pandemic, throughout online education, in complete isolation, this collection epitomizes her emotions throughout the entirety of this pandemic. The garments in this collection are versatile and sexy, something you can wear on a night out or a night in with a nice glass of wine. As the world is slowly opening up once again, City Lights was produced for a night out on the town, which is something we can all enjoy once more.