Jasmyne Summers is creative director and founder of Page XVII (17) By Jasmyne S. She designs for the woman who wants to stand out on her wedding day or for the woman who loves quality and unique pieces in her closet. Her brand is about empowering women to walk in the confidence that God gave them all while looking fabulous!

Page XVII By Jasmyne S. is a bridal/ women’s ready-to-wear brand that can be described as elegant, classic and for the woman who has a story to tell! Page XVII (17) represents the designer’s birthday May 17th. The Page XVII (17) woman loves all things luxurious and classic.

She appreciates texture, glam and quality craftsmanship. She knows that God has a plan for her life and chooses to look like the promise that has been spoken over her! Page XVII is relatable because it is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle. This brand is for the woman who knows her value and is not letting her past define her. Life is like a storybook. EVERYONE HAS A STORY... WHAT PAGE DOES YOURS BEGIN ON?

Page XVII By Jasmyne S. is rapidly growing around the world! The brand’s bridal collection can be found in Pink Parrot Luxe Bridal in Jackson, Mississippi and ready to wear line on pagexvii.com. The brand keeps its exclusivity by releasing in small scale and partnering with boutiques all over the nation!