Jemima Jarvis’s collection was heavily inspired by how living an Alpinist lifestyle significantly improved her mental health. Represented through skiwear heritage. Looking at contemporary silhouettes inspired throughout skiwear history merging both past and future fashion. Although many designers look to mental health as inspiration no one looks at the positives and how it can be improved as well as using garments to represent that. Bringing light to skiing as an fashion trend and deserves recognition for giving designers inspiration for winter/fall looks each year. Sending the message - it isn’t just a sport it’s a positive lifestyle.

During the process of combining the idea of mental health, Jemima developed her contemporary range by responding to this through vibrant fabric, digital prints and laser etching manipulated from my own hand draw responses. The colour scheme came from images of the sun-rising over the Alps portraying the idea of mental health and that the sun always no matter what. Playing with this thought Jemima Designed a path which is feature on each of her looks conveying the idea of losing yourself in the mountains, emphasizing the message of positive mental health.

the collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of shape and volume through heritage. Jemima's design tells a story of the positive benefits of living an Alpinist lifestyle, merging both ski heritage and contemporary fashion together through a explosion of silhouette and colour. Reusing old skiwear to create up cycled and sustainable accessories. Sourcing fabrics locally within Scotland, receiving a sponsorship from Halley Stevenson wax cotton manufactures.