The word ‘Grotesque’ refers to the combination of highly contrasting objects or concepts together. In the case of these illustrations, it is composed of the deconstructed human body, organs and natural creatures and artificial objects. By deconstructing the complete garments, inner structures are revealed and they are connected with free-style draping to create new designs and suggest unconventional ways of wearing

She was able to create a new combination of design with a feminine mood through the use of exquisite material and tailoring. She was able to incorporate delicate details and intriguing elements to the design.

Basic tailoring techniques and constructions of garments. All the basic tailoring skills such as measuring, modifying, screwing, expanding, and tightening are ways of building a structure on the body. Bodies are tamed and fabricated artificially with the clothes and the perspectives.

The outwear is deconstructed and the components of it is used to make a totally different item. The distinction between underwear and outwear and that of tops and bottoms becomes unclear.

Through the process of decomposing existing clothes and assembling them she brought horizontal and vertical changes by destroying the boundaries between the interior and the exterior as well as top and bottom.