The undergraduate collection ‘I CAN SEE IN THE DARK’ is influenced by mental health deterioration and temporary pleasure. The collection draws inspiration from Ruut Veenhoven’s study: ‘Hedonism & Happiness’. The paper discusses the relationship between temporary pleasure and long term happiness while exploring the negative side-effects of hedonism. ‘I CAN SEE IN THE DARK’ utilizes weight, distortion, and dark imagery in order to replicate feelings of captivation in relation to hedonistic tendencies and finding comfort in a destructive lifestyle. This includes intricate drafting, dark hues, and original graphic work.

Preliminary design work began with a series of ink drawings created through visual imagery interpretation, music, and key word brainstorming. The resulting work aimed to personify depression and the ominous intrigue of substance based escape. The finalized drawings were used to freshen deadstock fabrics and otherwise simple silhouettes. Furthermore, drawings were reinterpreted through jacquard knit work.

After graphic work was finalized, exploration in textures and silhouette began. Inspired by water ripples and their drowning capabilities, surface treatments such as ruching was used to emulate suffocation. Furthermore, distortion was explored through deconstruction - removable elements, knit work, and drafting. Additionally, draft exploration lead to illusion elements executed through repetition.

I CAN SEE IN THE DARK FW 20 is a gender neutral collection aiming to personify the feelings of mental health deterioration and captivation in relation to pleasure. The 5 look collection uses deadstock, locally sourced, and vegan fabrics with special focus on draft manipulation, surface treatments, and texture.