After writing her dissertation on plastic microfibre pollution, Jessica was heavily inspired to create a collection to raise awareness of the dangers these microscopic fibres cause to our wildlife and our environment. Finding out that synthetic material is one of the main causes of shedding when over-washed or over-used, Jessica was motivated to use mainly natural materials within her final collection.

Alongside this, Jessica explored the use of recycling old textiles to create new fabrics that will not need to be washed: weaving denim, a fabric which should not be washed often, alongside recycled plastic, to keep it away from being exposed to landfill and eventually the ocean. Discovering that movement when wearing synthetic material causes plastic microfibres to become airborne. Jessica was inspired to create fabrics to prevent friction. Researching into areas of the body that causes this and using certain knitting techniques to create a natural stretch, Jessica has avoided contributing to plastic microfibre pollution.

When viewing the collection as a whole, its apparent that it has a constant theme when it comes to colour. The different shades of blue were inspired by the several colours when collecting recycled denim. Yet, each fabric comes with a different story. Focusing each sample on the many aspects of her dissertation. Jessica’s end goal was to create a collection that gave a sense of freedom knowing that each piece does not afflict any threat to our wildlife and environment.