Jessica Megan Roberts’ graduate collection ‘God’s own Country’ was influenced by family history and the memory of her grandparent’s life and characters. Photographs and objects belonging to her late family helped to inspire texture and silhouette. Jessica has created a collection that celebrates and combines both the technical details surrounding her grandfathers work and the charm and character of the memory of her grandmother. The colour palette features neutral tones taken from black and white photographs and colours from a ration book which belonged to her grandfather.

The collection focuses on simple, elegant, well made pieces that feature subtle design details such as raw edge exposed seams and the rippling texture created when the buttons on the garments are fastened. To create the rippling texture, Jessica developed her own button and buttonhole design. She made the buttons herself using a resin casting technique, to create buttons in the shape of small lightbulbs as a reference to her grandfathers’ profession. Along with the resin cast buttons, Jessica also created a prototype shoe to feature in her collection. The shoe features a resin heel which encases a lightbulb. Jessica was also working on creating other accessories such as handbags and jewellery, which also feature references to her grandfathers work and resin casting.

To complement the garments in her collection, Jessica designed a print to use on an accessory to style with her collection. The print was developed from the ration book she found which belonged to her grandfather during the war. Using the graphics from the book, Jessica edited the size, layout and colours in the design and created four different print styles to use. She then printed the designs onto tights and stockings using a sublimation print method.

This is Jessica’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Jessica was only able to create look three and the trousers from look four of her collection and would have loved to see the rest of her collection come to life. The rest of the collection is prepared and ready to make as soon as Jessica had access to professional level machinery again. The remaining pieces in the collection that are still to come include two wool coats, an embellished, beaded silk slip dress, three more pairs of tights, a silk shirt and a knitted, oversized jumper dress.