As a starting point for her collection, Jessica Rose Braithwaite is using primary research such as, 35mm film photos as inspiration for knitted fabric qualities, silhouettes and embellishment. Using these snapshots of environments which she finds calming, Jessica is creating highly tactile pieces that give the wearer a sensory experience. The feeling of the collection as a whole is fluid and expressive, showing the undulations of rockforms and clusters of mussels.

Through the use of innovative technology, Jessica is creating both fully fashioned, zero waste garments and distorted blister jacquard fabrics. She is carrying the feeling of tension through the collection, while she works on old industrial machinery, producing sporadic ribs, inlaid with marled cording and expansive wadded fabrics, using a palette of uncomfortable pastels and saturated brights.

There is also a focus on slower hand craft processes, such as crochet, being shown through embellishment of garments and barnicle-like bags. During her time working on the Marc Jacobs SS20 runway show, Jessica built on her hand-craft abilities, finding that she found these processes theraputic. This made her realise that, in a world of high speed productivity and intense pressure, there could be a time coming where we have to slow down and reevaluate the way in which we approach work.