Jessica Tighe's collection rejects gender-specific titles, stemming from her belief that womenswear and menswear labels should not dictate what we wear.

Her collection is made solely using second hand-sourced materials. This is fuelled by her concern about the industries negative impact on the environment. It is important to her that the vast amount of textiles heading for the landfill are used as opposed to the production of new.

Jessica specialises in textiles and is inspired by historical methods of handcraftsmanship combined with a love of experimentation with unconventional materials and a D.I.Y ethos. The combination handcrafted textiles and the limitation of sourcing second and materials create bespoke pieces.

She is inspired by costume design and disagrees with the constraints put in place deciding what is and isn’t acceptable for everyday wear. Dressing up is fun but not always practical. Jessica’s designs are situated in making costume that function.